101 Mobility Reading Rental Solutions

We have a temporary solution for your temporary mobility need.

At 101 Mobility Reading, our rental programs are flexible to your needs and budget. For your convenience, we offer Stairlift rentals that are available when you need them and as long as you need them.

We understand that a need can be both pressing and short-term at the same time — that’s why renting a mobility solution can be the perfect choice. Not only is renting temporary and cost effective, but with 101 Mobility Reading, it’s also flexible (Don’t like it? No worries- we’ll switch it out!) and comes with 101 Mobility’s excellent service. Additionally, we provide different types of rental programs to best meet your needs, including our:

  • Event Rentals, which provide temporary mobility solutions for a wide range of events and applications
  • Individual Product Rentals, which allow residential and commercial clients to use temporary mobility solutions
  • Try before you buy options, which allow clients to rent products with the option to purchase later on if they foresee a more long-term need

Call 101 Mobility Reading today for more information on our program and assistance in deciding which is best for you! In the meantime, check out our rental types below.

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About Our Rental Programs

  • Stairlift Rental Program

    04_rentals_product_01_stairlift01-ReadingNeed assistance getting up and down the stairs until you’re able to do so again on your own? No problem! Our Stairlift Rental Program offers a selection of our quality straight stairlifts for temporary use. We offer options from only the most trusted, safe, and durable brands in the industry to ensure smooth and easy navigation up and down your stairs, as long as you need them.

    Why choose a stairlift?

    • They promote safe and easy travel up and down the stairs.
    • They’re ergonomic and boast intuitive operation.
    • They are available in different styles and colors to blend in seamlessly with your home’s or business’s decor.
    • They fold up to allow for extra space on steps and landings when not in use.
    • They are backed by 101 Mobility’s One-Year Limited Service Warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty

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  • Wheelchair Ramp Rental Program

    Modular RampWhen you know you need a ramp but you’re not ready to buy, consider renting one. Our Ramp Rental Program has many benefits, including professional service and installation, and the choice of renting an Aluminum Modular Ramp, a Multi-Fold Ramp, a Suitcase Ramp, a Portable Trifold Ramp, a Light Ramp or one of our threshold ramps.

    Why choose a wheelchair ramp?

    • They promote safe and easy travel up and down many different inclines.
    • They can be custom fit to any incline with little-to-no modifications to the surrounding area.
    • They are made of heavy-duty aluminum for exceptional traction, quick installation, and lasting durability.
    • They are backed by 101 Mobility’s One-Year Limited Service Warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty.

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